Things to Keep in Mind When Planning International Travel

Things to Keep in Mind When Planning International Travel

International travel can be a great way to experience new places, cultures and people. However, there are many things to keep in mind when planning a trip abroad.

A valid passport is essential when traveling internationally. This document must be valid for the length of your trip, and it is also important to check the expiration date. Some countries have strict rules about passport validity dates and will refuse you entry if you do not meet their requirements.

Before booking any overseas flight, contact your airline to verify the country you’re going to visit has a current Covid-19 travel advisories and to find out if there are any visa or vaccination restrictions. You can also look for any other travel restrictions or laws in the destination country you’re visiting.

Most travelers should be able to travel safely and without complications, if they follow the simple rules below. But it’s always best to check the specific details of a particular country before you head out, especially when visiting an emerging market or developing nation.

For those who are interested in exploring Asia, the region’s reopening to tourism post-Covid-19 has been a big win for travelers. In early December, more than 27% of searches for international flights were to Asian cities, according to data from airfare and hotel search company Hopper. Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, were the top trending destinations for travel international travelers in early December.


Despite the ongoing pandemic, African countries remain some of the world’s most attractive travel options for Americans, thanks to their stunning natural landscapes and rich culture and history. But as the CDC continues to warn of increased risk for Covid-19 infections in this region, many travelers may be discouraged from traveling there.

Europe and Middle East

In the midst of an active pandemic, many European nations are taking a more cautious approach to welcoming US tourists than other parts of the globe. In late June, the CDC had many European countries in its “Level 3: high risk” category for Covid-19.

Some of these countries have imposed travel restrictions such as PCR testing or proof of vaccination, which can delay your trip to the country and make it more costly. But there are still a few more European nations that have opened up to fully vaccinated American travelers.

A majority of countries that have reopened to visitors under the COVID-19 umbrella are offering some form of visa-free entry. Some of these countries have also imposed other travel restrictions, such as requiring a negative PCR test for international air travelers.

For travelers who are unsure about whether or not they should travel to a particular country, there is a common platform (database) used to check the latest COVID-19 travel document requirements. This platform is IATA Timatic, which is powered by human-validated data – meaning a team of immigration specialists checks each update manually with IATA’s Sourcing Network of official sources to ensure it is accurate.